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Our play-centric indoor playroom is geared towards helping kids explore and learn at their own pace. We provide a space filled with different types of play to stimulate developmental growth. Enabling kids to create their own play through different types of activities, our playroom encourages them to take charge of their own learning.


Playing to learn is not only natural, but also the best type of play.

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Special Activities & Events

At Wise-Kids Playroom, we believe that every occasion is worth the celebration!

Our themed parties and special themed activities are suitable for all ages! These are great times for kids to practice socialising and for making new friends too. Bring the entire family - we are certain they will have a good time! 

* Paid events are hosted on a specific day and at a specific time.

No upcoming events at the moment
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Why Is Play Important To Kids' Development?

Free and creative play is one of the fundamental building blocks for important developmental skills. By providing kids with a safe space to play and explore, they are, by consequence, encouraged to develop their imaginations while building on their intelligence, language, physical abilities, social skills, and emotional well-being. We also always encourage parents and guardians to participate in their kids' play process since play offers an ideal opportunity to strengthen relationships.

We Care

Play Workers are an integral part to our Playroom. They are a dedicated team who ensure safety and host special activities with kids.

As they encourage kids to try different types of play, our Play Workers take special care not to intrude in kids' natural play processes in order to maximise self-learning opportunities. In other words, we truly care about the growth and development of your child.

Happy Parents

Wonderful staff who’s good at managing common toddlers’ behaviour. They have different monthly themes and daily activities. Toys would change and update every now and then. My tot goes there everyday and he’s never bored. He learns so much through carefully managed free play sessions and some of their more structured programmes. I’m so grateful that he’s growing into a secured, happy, and confident young child.



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